Homestay accommodation includes:

  • English-speaking Canadian families
  • 24-hour emergency assistance to students and Host Families

The student is entitled to:

  • A private room
  • Furniture: Bed and bedding, dresser, desk, chair, desk lamp, wastebasket, closet
  • Access to bathroom facilities and other common areas in the house
  • Access to laundry facilities and telephone
  • Three meals a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner)

The student shall be responsible for:

1. Giving the Host Family 2 weeks notice prior to leaving the Homestay. The placement fee is non refundable. Any unused portion of the Homestay fee will be refunded.

2. Making every effort to adjust to Canadian culture, including food and customs, and communicating with Homestay Coordinator if problems arise.

3. Keeping his/her room clean.

4. Not smoking in the Host Family’s house.

5. Not purchasing or using any drugs or other controlled substances during his/her stay with the Host Family.

6. Not using the Host Family’s telephone line to make any long distance calls.

7. Inviting guests into the home only with prior knowledge of and permission from the Host Family.

8. Taking extra care of the house key and not lending the key to anyone else.

9. Notifying the Host Family if he/she is going to be late or will not be home during mealtime.

10. Notifying the Host Family of any absence, whether overnight or for one or more days, and providing contact information.

11. Discussing with the Host Family, the rules specific to his/her Homestay and abiding by these rules.

12. Respecting the privacy and belongings of the Host Family and any other International Students who may also live in the home.

13. Obtaining current and complete health/medical coverage/protection/insurance and proper Visa.

14. Any outstanding bills or other expenses that are directly attributable to the student, including bills, which come after the student’s departure.

15. Understanding that while he/she may not be matched exactly as requested, in every case, Vancouver Central Homestay Ltd. will make every effort to provide the most appropriate Homestay available to the Student.

16. Complying with all the terms and conditions as outlined in this agreement. Failure to follow any of the above-mentioned terms and conditions could result in the Student having to leave the Homestay, at his/her own expense.

The student shall relieve Vancouver Central Homestay Ltd. from any financial responsibility for any injuries or fatalities, and any lost, stolen or damaged goods.

Vancouver Central Homestay Ltd. does not assume any responsibility for injuries or fatalities to Homestay Family Members and/or guests, or for damage to property and possessions caused directly or indirectly by the Student.