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What is a Homestay Program?

Our Homestay Program provides students and travelers with an opportunity to stay in a Canadian family and learn about Canadian culture. You will have 3 meals per day, a private room and many opportunities to practice your English through conversation with family members.

What is the process for booking Homestay?

When your travel plans are finalized, complete an application form on our site. Once submitted, this will be processed to accounting for an electronic invoice which will be emailed to you within 48 hours. When VCH receives full or partial payment, a host-family will be confirmed to you. We will email you the family-profile, complete with information regarding the family, including an email address. It is recommended that you send your family a quick greeting as an introduction.

Do I need to bring something for my host family?

A small gift from your country is a good idea, an ice breaker.

What will I do if I don’t enjoy my host family?

The Homestay Coordinator will do the best to match you with a suitable Canadian family. However, sometimes personality conflicts cannot be avoided. Students must realize they are dealing with a new culture in a new country. They are asked to make every effort to adjust to Canadian culture, including food and customs, but are encouraged to speak to the Homestay Coordinator if problems arise. If the problems persist and cannot be resolved, the Coordinator will act in an unbiased manner to find another suitable placement. This is included in the Placement Fee

Will there be other students in my homestay who speak the same language as me?

Host families are limited to a three-student maximum, each of whom must speak a different language, unless specifically requested by the student. English will be the language spoken in the household.

Can I do my laundry in the homestay, and when?

Yes laundry facilities are included. Families are advised to arrange with their students for suitable days within the week to wash laundry.

Where are the homestays located?

Homestays are located within 30-45 minutes by bus to your school.  Public transportation is readily available, and all homes are located along major routes.

When do I get information about my host family?

After we receive your homestay application form and payment for homestay we will send you information recommending a family which we feel will be a good match for you.

How do I get from the airport to my homestay?

Airport pick service can be arranged for you. Our airport transfer service will greet you at the airport and take you to your new home. A sign displaying your name will be given to the driver so that there are no confusions.