VCH has been using Language Limousine for several years. Once a student has confirmed and paid for airport transfers, he or she will be asked for flight details. We will then book your airport transfer to your host-family.

Upon your arrival at the airport, Language Limousine will be sure to greet you and transport you safely to your home. Their friendly, courteous service is just the start of your stay in Vancouver. Their signage is easily recognizable when you clear the gates at the airport.

BELOW is their information letter Upon Your Arrival.

Language Limousine
Canadian English Language School
Student Airport Pick Up Service


Students-Take This Letter With You To The Vancouver Airport And Display It In The Main Public Arrival Area

Most of you will arrive in the International Terminal.

• Go through Canada Customs & Canada Immigration. You must go through 2 sets of automatic glass doors and out to the Public Meet and Greet area. Continue walking until you pass a restaurant/bar called The Elephant and Castle.  Here you will see many people and many signs.  We will be in front of 2 large wooden statues in the Main Public International Arrivals Area. Make sure you are looking in the right area. Starbucks Coffee and Burger King are behind The Elephant and Castle.  Do NOT go upstairs or out of the building.  Go to our site ( to see a picture of us at the airport and a link to a map of where to meet us.

• Look for a large, tall bright YELLOW SIGN with YOUR NAME clearly written on it.

Do Not Leave The Airport. If you cannot locate our sign, please call 604 988-7639 and you will be helped immediately.

Also, you must inform us of any flight changes by calling 604 988-7639.  You may be charged an additional fee if you do not inform us of flight changes.

• Students will be met by a representative of Language Limousine.

If you are flying within Canada (not too many of you), arriving in the Domestic Terminal, please remain at the baggage carousel.  Stay there and look for our sign.

PRINT this letter, fold it and DISPLAY the sign below at the Vancouver Airport so you can be immediately identified.

Fold Here   Fold Here   Fold Here   Fold Here   Fold Here   Fold Here   Fold Here



Languague Limousine
Student Airport Pick Up Service
Vancouver Central Homestay Ltd.


Fold Here   Fold Here   Fold Here   Fold Here   Fold Here   Fold Here   Fold Here