1. Host families will not charge a damage deposit or extra fees during your stay. Under no circumstances are you to pay any money directly to your host family. If you are requested to do so, please talk to the Homestay Coordinator.
  2. The student is solely responsible for any damages caused in the hosting house, and will pay the Coordinator directly who will, in turn, reimburse the family.
  3. We recommend that students pay 12 weeks of homestay in advance. If the student prefers to pay every 4 weeks, he/she should contact and pay the Homestay coordinator in full on the first day of each 4 week period.

Students are asked to arrive on Saturday or Sunday before the start of school. Departure should also be on a Saturday or Sunday after the last day of class as the host family may not have an available room. A daily rate will be charged should the student require additional nights.

If you have any questions about payment, please contact the Homestay Coordinator directly.


  1. All money will be refunded including homestay placement fee if written cancellation notice is given 12 weeks or more before beginning of homestay.
  2. If written cancellation notice is given less than 12 weeks before beginning of homestay, all money will be refunded except the placement fee and 2 weeks homestay fee.
  3. If the host family has failed to meet homestay conditions, the student will be moved to another homestay, and there will be no refund given for the period of homestay already used.
  4. Upon commencement of homestay, no refund will be given for cancellation of homestay services or move within the first 4 weeks. If a student wishes to cancel homestay services or move from their assigned homestay after the first four weeks, they are required to give 2 weeks notice. Any prepaid homestay fees for subsequent months will be refunded, less the required two week notice period.
  1. No refund is given to the student if he/she is away for the weekend or misses a meal because of personal plans.
  2. Company will arrange placement for a student with a suitable family a maximum of two times. Any further changes in homestay will be subject to a fee of $50 per placement.