“ It has been very nice working/dealing/doing business with you.  I have had such wonderful students.  From my experience in hosting international students in four years, you are the best in terms of communicating and delivering the news to the homestay.  Thank you for placing the students with us and I am looking forward to hearing from you soon…”

Jonas Family
Coquitlam, BC

What Our Students Say

“My family is the best of the best.  I have to do my presentation today, and they are going to help me as always.   My family always is friendly and converses with me…, especially when I feel sad, they show me how they really care.

“My family never goes to parties without inviting me! Not just that, they take care of my needs. For example, I am a Muslim and I don’t eat pork. Therefore, when I go with them I find that they told their friends about me to make sure there is no pork in what I eat.

The food is the best I have ever had was and is in this household. They make delicious food.

This family is so close to my heart I really truly love them…. Anyway, thanks for giving me a chance to say something about this wonderful family.”

Saudi Arabia

“I always thank God for being with this amazing family.”

Saudi Arabia

“I just want to thank you for everything.  You gave me the best host-family.  I couldn’t have asked for something better.  The family is great and your company is really good because you were always taking care of me and checking if I was happy or not.  Thank you for everything.”


“I’m so happy I spent three months in your house. I will never forget it. You were so nice with me. The times we spent swimming were great. I hope I can see you again. Thank you for everything. I think I couldn’t have had a better homestay family. I really felt like I belonged.”


“ I never forget 2003 Christmas. It was the best Christmas I’ve ever had. Thank you everyone – you are so generous and kind. You are always smiling at me and full of good conversation. You are like my real family. This was the happiest moment in my life. I’ll miss you so much.”

Hye Won

“It was splendid to celebrate Christmas with you. As you know, I have to leave Canada soon. I’ve been here almost 10 months. Thank you for everything you have done for me. I had a great time in Vancouver because of you. In these past 10 months I’ve been feeling like I’m with family. I never felt loneliness. Thank you for supporting me. If I hadn’t been in this family, I wouldn’t have enjoyed staying Canada. I don’t know how to express my thankfulness and respect for you. You are always in my mind.”